Sing God’s Word – Psalms in Tune Companion Curriculum Booklet

This simple curriculum was created for a Sunday school class containing a mixed age group of children, or for early elementary school classes. It is our hope and prayer that this curriculum will provide an easy way for you as a teacher to make the most of the devotional aspect of Sing God’s Word – Psalms in Tune. As the children learn the words and music, adequate lessons with visuals and movement will confirm the message from the main verse and help the students understand how these verses can be applied in their daily lives. May your desire to teach the Word of God to children bring as much joy to you as it brings eternal benefits to them. SPECIAL NOTE: Purchaser is granted permission to make copies necessary for teaching in one class unit, not to exceed five copies from one purchase of the curriculum. Personal use is limited to two copies only. The download link for the Coloring Pages is included with this purchase. The specific link will be sent to you by email once your purchase is complete. Tax and shipping and handling will be applied at checkout.


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