Wally Bassoon

Wally Hi, kids I’m Wally. It’s a wonderful day here at Clef Park. The Wonder-Go-Round has been spinning almost… ACHOO… non-stop, and my friends and I spend wonderful days playing music and helping others appreciate the wonders of God. All of us on the Wonder-Go-Round have been together for a very long time, so we feel like family. Of course, we have all made a commitment to Jesus, so we are all a part of the family of God. We worship together, work together, have fun together, and… ACHOOO… try to help each other when there is a need. The last time I got an allergy shot, Harry and Glenda were right there with me.  I know that God is always taking care of me, and with the special folks He has brought into my life, I have incredible joy inside of me. What could be more wonderful… ACHOOOOO… than that?
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