Grace for All Seasons

Grace for All Seasons Post2014 has been a rather challenging year for our family. Some of it has honestly felt like an unwelcomed roller coater ride. We traveled lengths of it with a niece who has successfully battled cancer, only to now be petitioning and trusting God to heal a debilitating problem in her lower spine. We could barely breathe from the ups and downs of my mother-in-law’s final illness and slow trek toward her heavenly home. We grimaced at the unexpected turn that threw us for a loop when our son was hit in his work vehicle by a car that ran a red light, putting him in ICU with five broken ribs, a cracked sternum, and multiple bruises and lacerations. We’ve also had our ascents: kids and grandkids living with us and becoming a bigger part of our lives; nice trips my husband and I have taken together; business successes and connections that lift our spirits; and most recently, the engagement of our lovely baby girl to a wonderful, godly man. But, at some point the track will again descend, and the downward movement will provide teachable moments that cause us to cling to God and trust Him to care for our every need.
All throughout this year’s difficult times, God has whispered the same sustaining theme: “Ask Me and trust Me for daily bread and daily grace.” It is such a basic tenet of the Christian faith, but we tend to forget that it is a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute connection with God that provides answers to our problems, promotes inner peace, and proffers His deep, abiding joy. Though our circumstances may not change, our perspective will as we rely on the grace, mercy, strength, and spiritual food to bring us through each day.
Jesus set forth this very principle when His friends asked Him to teach them to pray. The prayer, commonly called “The Lord’s Prayer,” is found in both Matthew and Luke. It is a model or template leading us to praise God, to ask for His will, to petition Him for our needs, to forgive us, and to give us help in order that we might not sin. God fully desires our consistent communion with Him. To ask and trust Him for daily bread and daily grace will be a huge step toward keeping our relationship with Him alive, rich and full.
As we celebrate Jesus’ coming into the world, let us rejoice that He is the One who has made the way for us to speak directly to God. With that in mind, please read “The Lord’s Prayer” from Matthew 6:8-13, and then enjoy our little gift of song to you.
Merry Christmas!

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