The Song of Life (The Growing of the Green)

The Song of Life PostMany years ago when my oldest daughter was in her upper elementary years, she took on a project for the school science fair. (Point of note: Many years ago “I” took on a project for the school science fair.) She chose the topic, “The Effects of Different Kinds of Music on Plant Growth.” I was a bit skeptical. The music part I could handle, it was the “plant growth” part I wasn’t sure about. I am not known to have a green thumb. In fact, about the only healthy plants that I’ve had for a while are plastic. I couldn’t be certain if she had acquired my inept ability with vegetation, but since it was her decision, we began making preparations for the experiment.
We already had Dahlia seeds on hand. We planted four pots, watered them the same, and placed them on the same side of the house for similar sun exposure, but in four different rooms. In one room we were to play Rock ‘n’ Roll music, in another Country, in the third Christian Lullabies, and the last one was the control – no music.
I can still remember the first day of the experiment. I was home alone and put the correct music on in each of the rooms. Mixed music floated throughout the house, but in each room it was distinct. I began to laugh. I could just see the little Rock ‘n’ Roll plant with its stems and leaves all tangled from gyrating to the thump, thump, thump of the very prominent bass. I imagined the poor Country seedling hanging his head and mournfully crooning words something like this:
“My roots are dry, and I just want to cry all night long.
You could help you know; give me some Miracle Grow
While I’m singing this song.”
In my mind’s eye I saw the little Lullaby plant with its leaves poised in prayer floating serenely upwards growing strong, healthy and sure. I had no visions of the control plant, but I wondered how it would grow in complete quietness compared to the others. We patiently watered and played music to the appropriate plants and waited for the results.
About a week later we had our first tender shoots in both the Lullaby room and control room. Each day those two plants increased in easily measurable increments while our Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll babies stayed beneath the soil. Three weeks later at the end of the experiment we had two very healthy plants and two pots of soil with no visible growth. Obviously my speculation was not quite correct, but the results gave me pause to reflect on some spiritual truths.
No doubt, it is in the quiet times we have with the Lord that we optimize our ability to grow spiritually. New life comes from stillness. Then in sweet refrains of song and prayer we enable spiritual maturity to blossom and bring forth fruit for God’s glory. Meanwhile, when we thump, thump, thump through the busyness that so frequently surrounds us and we allow the cares of this world to overcome us, we stunt the growth that God desires to see in us.
The truth is clear in Scripture. In Psalm 4:4 we read, “Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.” Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Isaiah 30:15 states, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” It behooves us to take a lesson from the plants. Take time out from your busyness, even Christian busyness to spend some quiet time before the Lord each day. Worship Him with songs and stillness. You and others will notice the growth, and the results will be fruit coming forth from a believer growing strong, healthy and sure.
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