Cynthia du Flaut

Cynthia Hi, I’m Cynthia. Oh, dear! I just caught my C# trill lever on the front window curtain. But, I’m okay and so is the curtain, and the window, I might add. How are you doing? Wonderful, I hope. Things have been really busy at the music shop, but I enjoy serving our customers by finding the music they want or locating a new part or item they need. M.C. is very kind to me, and he’s helping me to be the best employee I can be. When I’m not at the shop, I’m studying or in classes at our local community college. My goal is to attend Sing University and study classical music. There are a lot of professional musicians in my family, and some day I would love to play in a symphony orchestra. I’m sure I have a while to wait as I perfect my skills. For now, God has me serving others at the shop, and it’s another great place to learn more about music. M.C has taught me that it is truly a beautiful gift from God! You, too, could learn much about music and about how music can help you learn God’s Word. I hope I see you the next time you stop in.
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