Inner Beauty

We found ourselves in a large exhibit building on a county fairground in a small town. The floors were cement and the walls cinderblock with garage doors set in one end to allow vehicles to enter. This was early Friday evening, and we were among a handful of people setting up booths for the following day’s event. There was very little indication as to the type of exhibits, décor or atmosphere that would occupy the space on Saturday. We set up our section in about two hours and went home.
Fast forward thirteen hours: Lights, colorful tinsel curtains, a runway carpet, a room full of vendors selling fancy, frilly items, and children, mostly girls, of all ages with curls, up-dos, manicured nails and the latest tot chic left no doubt as to the purpose of the day. We were at a fashion show and pageant for youngsters and teens. We came to share the love of Jesus using our CD and presenting puppet shows for the participants and their supporters. The mood was party-like with lots of energy accompanied by giggling, running and dancing. As we would begin a skit or start the music, children would immediately gather in front of the puppet stage to watch. Such sweet faces; lives full of hope and promise. Many were there for the fun of participating in such an event; they walked the runway, they sang and they danced. Some were there to progress through the pageant ranks to go on to a Miss County, Miss State, Miss America or Miss USA title someday. It was apparent that poise, appearance and performance were important to all those involved.
So, why were we there? Yes, we wanted to share the Word of God and the love of Jesus through music in a fun, entertaining way. On the surface we might seem to be an unlikely match for such an event. But, if one is determined to capture real beauty, where is it found? Amongst the pretty bows, fashionable clothes and make-up tables, we were there to promote inner beauty for the mind and heart. The Bible would call our presence there beautiful! (“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” Isaiah 52:7.) Our intention was to plant seeds in minds and hearts, both young and old, which could lead to the growth of beauty within.
As a family, we never tried the pageant scene, though at times one child or another was invited to do so. But, I am so blessed to be able to say that my children are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. The amazing Word of God is the perfect beauty treatment for within. It continues to lead my adult children to love and serve God and humanity. What could be more beautiful than that?
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