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May 2024

“My twins have a yoto audiobook player that they use constantly while they’re playing, doing art, etc. I was introduced to Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids at the TTD conference and as soon as I saw that the CDs were available in MP3 format, I knew exactly what I was going to do! I knew my girls would love the mixture of story and songs, and that they would retain the verses in song form much easier than just trying to memorize them. I bought the whole set and as soon as we got home, I loaded each CD onto a separate card for the “story reader” and my girls have played it constantly for the last 3 days. I can’t wait until they start singing along, I know that’s coming soon!” – Kara B., 2024 TTD Pigeon Forge Conference
“We are so thankful for Godstruck Ministries! All 3 of our kids (6, 4, 2) love the songs! They sing them constantly and love learning scripture and more about God’s word through them. Our 6-year-old can’t get enough and gets so excited for a new CD! She also loves the sign language video. We love singings these songs in the car as a family!” – Crystal S., 2024 TTD Pigeon Forge Conference

March 2024

“I found Godstruck Ministries during the 2023 Home School Convention in St. Charles, MO. I bought the first CD thinking it would be a good way for my son, who was 6 at the time, to become familiar with more scripture and possibly memorize it. Saying he LOVED it is an understatement. My now 7-year-old was so excited to hear that I planned to buy the next CD at this year’s convention and made sure I remembered I needed to buy it when I left. I went ahead and bought CDs #2-#5 and plan to give them as rewards and gifts through the summer. CD #2 has made it in the car and after only having it for a week he is already starting to sing along. He received CD #3 this morning for Easter and was so excited. These CDs are not just made for children. While they are perfect for children they don’t make me as the parent dread listening to them like some children’s music. I have even caught my husband humming along. The best part is our son is getting a great foundation that supports the things we want him to learn without him realizing he is learning things that will serve him for a lifetime.” – Melissa W., 2024 GHC St Charles

June 2023

“My 5-year-old daughter has absolutely loved the first CD we got her at the Teach Them Diligently Conference. She pretty much has it all memorized now and is so excited for the second CD to come!” – Crystal S., 2023 TTD Pigeon Forge Conference
“All I can say is just go ahead and buy the whole set. All 5 CD’s and the DVD. You won’t be disappointed. My kids are already singing the scriptures and songs after only listening through one time. It is so wonderful to have something like this available that I love for my kids to hear and my kids love to listen to and sing along with. Thank you!!” – Brandy A., 2023 TTD Pigeon Forge Conference

June 2019

“What a gem! My husband and I listened to some sample songs, and I was in tears within a minute. I had recently gone through a very difficult trial and was clinging to the Lord to bring me through. The song we listened to spoke directly to my situation. Only God can make that happen! I felt the Lord’s loving presence and comfort flow over me and through me, right there in that homeschool conference vendor hall. I immediately bought all 4 CDs, because I want my children to have this same kind of experiential love from the Word of God! To taste and see that He is good. To have His Word hidden deep in their hearts. I want the Lord to be able to speak to them during their storms and trials of life, through His Word. These songs will stay in their minds and hearts through their entire life and help that anchor for their souls be strong and firm. Thank you, Godstruck Ministries, for pouring into the lives of little ones, and this mommy’s heart too!” – Rose S., 2019 NICHE Conference
“My son (age 7) and I were listening to “Run with Jesus” the other day and we were at the beginning when the boy was talking about his struggle with faith. My son said, “yeah, that’s how I feel sometimes.” I just thought it was wonderful that he was listening to something that helped him with his own struggle in terms that made sense to him. Sing God’s Word albums are so well done – the music is varied and is ‘real music’ not kiddie music which is nice. The story line is engaging, but most importantly, my son is being ministered to. Thank you, thank you!” – Hannah S., sent by email

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    March 2019

    “I would like to say thank you for your CDs. My five-year old and I have very much enjoyed listening to Sing God’s Word CDs 1 and 2 for the last year. My son fell in love with the Psalms because of your CDs. We listen every chance we get in the car and have listened to them over 100 times in the last year and never grow tired of them. Although, now that we have purchased CDs 3 and 4 we are very excited to get started on listening to them. We love to turn the radio up loud when we listen to them, jam out and belt the songs out with them! Thank You Very Much!” – Ren & Andrea J.
    “My 4-year old and 7-year old have all 4 CDs. They love listening to the stories! During the daytime and before bed, they enjoy the CDs. Even when we drive around, we listen to the CDs. Thank you so much for these wonderful stories. They are great Biblical teachings, and the songs are catchy!” – Tina F., Arlington, TX

    November 2018

    “We love your products and have just ordered our 4th CD. Our kids listen to them in the car for daily drives, as well as long road trips. We sing along (me included!) to every song and are thankful to have the Word of God on our hearts. Thanks for your ministry!” – Rachel N.

    June 2018

    Adventures in Odyssey has been outlawed in my house because it gets the kids too riled up before bed. But the music and stories from Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids help them calm down and get ready for bed every night without a problem.” – Rick S., CHEC Conference
    “My foster daughter (9) and I listened to the first two songs (your first CD) yesterday and today. We both really like them! I was a little leery at first, because too often, Christian music aimed at children is just downright annoying to adults. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the CD and hope seeds are planted in this girl’s heart.” – Vicki W., Ohio Teach Them Diligently Conference
    “My kids absolutely LOVE singing along with the CDs in the car, and they are already quoting some of the Scriptures! This is a great way for them to learn the Word while listening to fun songs…thank you!!!” – Amy D., Ohio Teach Them Diligently Conference

    May 2017

    Run with Jesus CD brings shouts of Joy!”

    “Just had to tell you, I gave the Run with Jesus CD to my siblings this morning and it resulted in shouts of joy, dancing, and much cheering as they raced to the CD player! My sister Lindsey (11) has been the most eager for this new CD having been asking me for months if it was done yet. I didn’t tell her when I pre-ordered it because I wasn’t sure when it would come, so this morning was a complete surprise to all of them. Glad I was your table neighbor at the HIM Home Educators Sale in Loveland, CO (2015) or we may have never discovered you.” – Rachel P., Fort Collins, CO

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