The One Who is the Rock

God never wastes a moment. He always allows circumstances in our lives that have purpose and value. Even those challenges we face, maybe most especially those challenges we face, are working to improve our character, our faith or our life’s perspective. Sometimes, as in the case of the man who was born blind (John 9), God’s purpose is to display His glory in the situation. At other times, just like a loving parent who desires to bless a child, God is seeking to bless us because of the love and care He has for us as His children. In conveying the following personal experience, I see a combination of all of what’s best about God’s hand in our everyday lives.
Our executive pastor taught from the Word this past weekend on the subject of God as our refuge in difficult times, which he entitled, “Refuge: Between The Rock and A Hard Place.” I thought it was very insightful and compelling, and I went home prepared to make sure that in my devotional time I would go over the notes and glean further from what God’s Word has to say about God as our refuge.
The next evening I was thinking about where Godstruck is as a ministry and questioning how we might go forward. We had made no sales of our CD, Sing God’s Word – Psalms in Tune in over a month, and it brought on a rather dejected mood. I mulled over everything again the next morning before I began to pray. In considering the circumstances, it caused the phrase, “I feel as if I were between a rock and a hard place,” to pop into my mind. I immediately remembered the sermon and just began praying to God my refuge, the One who is The Rock. As I shared things with my daughter via Skype that afternoon (she’s our marketing director), she just started typing letters to some of the staff involved in children’s ministry at her church regarding the possibility of reaching the kids and families with news of the CD. Within a very short time, she received a response from one of the pastors approving the presence of a Godstruck Ministries table at their Fall Festival. What an incredible demonstration of His power and the answers that are found when taking refuge in “The Rock that is higher than I!” We are moving forward with a resurgence of purpose and a trust that no matter what things look like or how they feel, God is in control. He will work all things together for good because we do love Him and we have been called to do His work. Being between The Rock and a hard place is not a crushing experience; it is a place where one finds a strong, yet tender embrace that will never let go. It does not immobilize, but moves one forward to a greater depth of character and a launch into better works for the glory of God and the good of His Kingdom.
Moment noted: All glory, praise and thanks to God for allowing us to live through this circumstance!
A grateful witness to His many blessings,
Godstruck Ministries 4 Kids
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