Joni Microphonie

Joni Hi, friends. I’m Joni. Since I’m in between concerts on the road, I thought I’d take a minute to say hello to all of you. I really love my fans! God helps me to deal with the long hours, training and busy schedule that I keep, but I look forward to meeting all the individuals that come to my concerts, and that keeps me going too. I have very busy days during concert season. I get up early to do my Bible devotions, run a little bit and eat breakfast. Then I spend time in a trailer that is my classroom so that I can finish high school on time. My favorite subject is English literature because I love to read books and poetry. This helps me to write some of the songs I sing. After school time, I am in practice four to five hours in the afternoon, and sometimes three or four more hours in the evening. It’s not always easy because I’m often away from my friends and most of my family. But, I love music, I’m very happy singing for the Lord, and I’m glad He’s allowing me to use my gifts and talents for Him. Hope to catch you at my next concert!
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