Millie Marimba

Millie Hi there, sweetie! Do you remember me, Millie? I spend most of my time at City Music Hall. There are a lot of great things happening as the whole town is raising funds to make this the magnificent place that it once used to be. I remember those days. The symphony would be on stage, the lights would come up, and we would play to great crowds – families from our city and visitors from important places. It was grand! We have done several concerts to help with the renovations. It feels so good to be up on stage playing beautiful music again. Through it all, God is blessing our efforts. He has brought us through hard times here, and He continues to be faithful as we now see our dreams begin to come true, dreams to give to our community the wonderful gift of harmonious music that God has given to us. My little friend, Tillie Triangle, just reminded me to say “hi” to you (remember, she’s a little on the shy side). I wish you could have seen her in our last performance. She stood out just like a shining star, playing with all her might. We are so happy to be able to do what God has created us to do. I hope you will have a chance to see all the improvements at the hall and hear us play sometime soon.
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