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Dilly Dissonance Speech Josiah Langdon (speaking voice & soloist)
Dilly Dissonance: Hey! You have such an interesting place to live. I loved my adventure to Franco’s Pizza Parlor, but because we had to leave so quickly, I didn’t even get a slice! I know Anthony and Kori were just worried about me, and it actually felt really good to have friends care so much. I love my family, I really do, and I am so glad my dad has decided to work in Symphony City instead of traveling so much so we can have a lot more time together. I do see my brothers softening a bit, especially Doofus. Do you know his name is really Dominic? I guess Donnie, the oldest and the most contrary Dissonance brother, couldn’t pronounce it so well when he was little. Anyway, I am really happy to be a part of Worship Community Church. Juan Carlos is in my class, and we have a great time learning about God together. I’ll let you know if I’m ever at the pizza parlor again—maybe you could meet me there!
David Dissonance Speech Gary Davis (speaking voice)
David Dissonance: I want to give thanks and praise to my very gracious God! He is bringing healing and restoration to our family as I learn to turn everything over to him. I love my family very much, and I’ve always thought that working hard was the right way to show my love to them. It turns out that my time and attention is much more valuable to them than the things I can provide. It has been so great to spend time together, and Dilly has been especially happy for this change in the Dissonance family. It will take more time for the older boys to come around, but I have no doubt that things are going to keep getting better and better for all of us.
Joni Microphonie Speech Nolin (Babcock) Waldrop (speaking voice & soloist)
Joni Microphonie: Hi, friends! I’m just checking in from my bus as we are on tour. Ricky Drummer and Skeet Snare are joining me in Measureton, a great place to perform with really encouraging fans. We’ll be doing some recording there as well, maybe something we can include on a new album. I got a letter from Dilly Dissonance last week. He is really doing well and enjoying time with his family, even though his brothers can still get into trouble sometimes. I’m so glad we were able to help him when he was feeling really down. That’s what those who love the Lord do for one another. See you the next time I’m in town!
Mrs. O.Piper Speech Jasmine Kerr (speaking voice & soloist)
Mrs. O’Piper: Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! I’m Mrs. O’Piper. Step onto my porch and have a little chat and a bit of refreshment. Do you know that I’ve been teachin’ at Melody Elementary School for over twenty years? That might seem like ages, but it goes so quickly because I love helpin’ wee ones learn their ABCs and one, two, threes. Better than that, I love sharing God’s Word and prayin’ to the Lord for anyone who is in need. I’m so glad I serve a heavenly Father who listens to the whispers of our hearts and answers in lovin’ ways. May his blessin’s be yours as you lift your voice in prayer to him.
Slack-key Kenikonu Speech Timmy Williamson (speaking voice & soloist)
Slack-key Kenikonu: Welcome to my hale, my house. I am Slack-key Kenikonu, a Kamaaina, a native of the islands, but now a happy resident of Symphony City. I worship Jesus, the one and only Son of God. Mahalo, thank you, to God that he has given us his commandments to help us follow him and live our lives well. Those who know Jesus will live together Mau Loa, forever! We will always then worship Jesus and take part in a great big Luau. I look forward to that great day, but while we are all sharing time on earth, there is still Hana, work, to do. Kipa hou mai, come visit again. Aloha `oe!
Tara Tambourine Speech Katelyn (Langdon) Dorin (speaking voice & soloist)
Tara Tambourine: Hi, kids! I’m so glad you’re here. Gracie and I are working really hard on preparing for a new Bible study that we can’t wait to share with our friends. It always feels so good to look into God’s word and see what he has to say to us. Gracie is such a good leader, and I continue to grow in my faith as I help her teach the ladies in our church. I am also grateful that God keeps using me to put his word to music. I’m excited to see how he will use us in the future for his glory.
Gracie Guitar Speech Michelle Hardin (speaking voice & soloist)
Gracie Guitar: I am so happy to have you visit. I have been feeling better these days. God continues to make me stronger, and he is using me in ways I could never have imagined! In addition to leading the ladies Bible study with Tara Tambourine, I really enjoy being on the worship team at church. It is only because of God that I can participate like I do. I am so blessed, and I thank God every day for the love he shows me through my friends and by the ways he is allowing me to be a small part of his wonderful plan.
Pastor Jaron Zimri Speech Lorenzo Jackson (speaking voice & soloist)
Pastor Jaron Zimri: Praise the Lord! God has filled me up with his goodness today. Having all those parents dedicate their precious children to the Lord at Worship Community Church reminds me that God desires for each of us to come to him just like a little child. Little ones are so authentic in their worship, and they bring glory to the Lord through their uninhibited excitement and joy. May we all be like the children in bringing honor and praise to our father God!
Pastor Aiden Amp Speech Dr. Rodney Navey (speaking voice)
Pastor Aiden Amp: As the lead pastor of Worship Community Church, it is my pleasure to welcome you in the name of the Lord. Worship Community Church is a friendly home for all those who are seeking to draw closer to God, who are wanting to be a part of the body of Christ that is learning and growing in the Lord, and those who are desiring to serve each other, our community, and the world. I am so blessed to be in this loving family, and I’m glad you are interested in what we have to offer. Please join us in worshiping the Lord.
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