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Anthony Williams Speech Nicholas Nary (speaking voice) Christopher Quiroz (soloist)
Anthony Williams: Hi. I’m Anthony. I’m ten years old, but I’ll be eleven really soon. I live with my dad, mom, sister and brother. We have a really neat Dalmatian dog named Sparks. My best friend is Kori Anderson. She helps me with schoolwork and other stuff. We do a lot of fun things together, but we like different things too. I like to draw, and Kori likes to sing. My favorite sport is baseball, and Kori comes to watch me play sometimes. We ride bikes together all the time. Now that we have friends in Symphony City, we like to listen to all kinds of music too. Thanks to Kori and friends like M.C., I’ve learned how important it is to know the Word of God. They’ve taught me a great way to learn my Bible verses by singing them.
Kori Anderson Speech Courtney Keeley (speaking voice) Sydney Brown (soloist)
Kori Anderson: Hello everybody. My name is Kori and I am five days older than my best friend, Anthony Williams. (Don’t tell Anthony I said that.) It’s really fun to do things together. I have one brother who’s really little, so Anthony is like another brother to me, except we don’t fight a lot. I love when we can ride bikes all over town, but our best time is when we go to Symphony City to see M.C. and all our other friends there. I love singing, and I’m glad that Anthony and I are both learning more of God’s Word that way.
Matt Cello Speech Matt Bonnett (speaking voice & soloist)
Matt Cello: Hello boys and girls. This is M.C. (short for Matt Cello). I am a manager at Well’s Music Shop in Symphony City. I’m pretty busy as I keep the shop running well, place orders for new items, and help teach our young ones how to play music skillfully. As a Christian, I love being a part of worship at church. I also find it very rewarding to help children learn the Word of God through music. I’m always happy to have guests at the shop, and I hope you will visit us often and join in the fun.
Joni Microphonie Speech Nolin Babcock (speaking voice & soloist)
Joni Microphonie: Hi, friends. I’m Joni. Since I’m in between concerts on the road, I thought I’d take a minute to say hello to all of you. I really love my fans! God helps me to deal with the long hours, training and busy schedule that I keep, but I look forward to meeting all the individuals that come to my concerts, and that keeps me going too. I have very busy days during concert season. I get up early to do my Bible devotions, run a little bit and eat breakfast. Then I spend time in a trailer that is my classroom so that I can finish high school on time. My favorite subject is English literature because I love to read books and poetry. This helps me to write some of the songs I sing. After school time, I am in practice four to five hours in the afternoon, and sometimes three or four more hours in the evening. It’s not always easy because I’m often away from my friends and most of my family. But I love music, I’m very happy singing for the Lord, and I’m glad He’s allowing me to use my gifts and talents for Him. Hope to catch you at my next concert!
Lonie Microphonie Speech Lindsay Johnson (speaking voice & soloist)
Lonie Microphonie: Hi y’all. This here is Lonie catchin’ you on a break from my practice schedule. I’m not with Joni right now, and I miss her somethin’ awful! Even though she’s my “cuz,” she’s like my sister and my best friend all rolled up into one. I like when we take the time to shoot the breeze about just being teenage girls. We talk on our cells, text and such, but I prefer face to face with her. We should be hitchin’ back up real soon though, and I’m really lookin’ forward to that. When we talk, Joni and I are keepin’ each other accountable in our Bible readin’ and prayer time. God is so faithful to us both, and I want to stay real close to Him. It’s so good to know that while I can’t be with my loved ones, God is always with them and with me. I couldn’t do what I do without Him, that’s for certain! With school and practice and performin’ I got a real full plate, but God gives me grace and strength when I need it most. I better run. Hope to see ya real soon, y’all. Bye now.
Buddy Bass Speech Mathew Encinosa (speaking voice & soloist)
Buddy Bass: Oh, hello, Mon. Dis is Buddy Bass. I always be glad to hook up wit me friends, ya kno’. Sometimes we just be sittin’ around and talkin’ together. Sometimes we be sharin’ a meal. Bot, da best time is when we go to church and worship God together. God always be watchin’ over me. I want always to be praisin’ ‘Im! For me work, I play in a band. I work ‘ard practicin’ and playin’ our gigs. Bot, me best time is when I swing in me backyard and just look up in de sky. No worries, Mon! I be thankin’ God all de time for di beauty of di sky, trees and birds. ‘E is de Great Creator. I be wantin’ to serve ‘Im all of me life.
Donny Dissonance Speech Charlton Graninger (speaking voice)
Donny Dissonance: This is Donny Dissonance, THE Donny Dissonance, and you’re lucky that I decided to say hi to you. I’m in a band called…well, never mind, we don’t have a name yet. But, we’re the coolest band around! Me and my brothers, Danny and Doofus really lay down some awesome tunes – no, not awful, I said AWESOME, man. The only people that think we’re awful are people that really like music, and we have a whole town full of them. What do they know? School? Yeah, I go to school, but nobody appreciates how smart I am. I can understand two languages, distortion guitar and the language I’m using right now, whatever it’s called. My favorite subject? Bet, you think I’m gonna say recess. Well, you’re wrong. It’s lunch, and then recess. At lunch there are better things to throw. See you around, man. Oh, and the green slime and flat tires around town, it’s just a coincidence that I was there every time. AND IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT I GOT CAUGHT!
Cynthia du Flaut Speech Gina Barker (speaking voice & soloist)
Cynthia du Flaut: Oh, dear! I just caught my C# trill lever on the front window curtain. But, I’m okay and so is the curtain, and the window, I might add. How are you doing? Wonderful, I hope. Things have been really busy at the music shop, but I enjoy serving our customers by finding the music they want or locating a new part or item they need. M.C. is very kind to me, and he’s helping me to be the best employee I can be. When I’m not at the shop, I’m studying or in classes at our local community college. My goal is to attend Sing University and study classical music. There are a lot of professional musicians in my family, and some day I would love to play in a symphony orchestra. I’m sure I have a while to wait as I perfect my skills. For now, God has me serving others at the shop, and it’s another great place to learn more about music. M.C has taught me that it is truly a beautiful gift from God! You, too, could learn much about music and about how music can help you learn God’s Word. I hope I see you the next time you stop in.
Wally Bassoon Speech Josh Starnes (speaking voice)
Wally Bassoon: Hi, kids. It’s a wonderful day here at Clef Park. The Wonder-Go-Round has been spinning almost… ACHOO… non-stop, and my friends and I spend wonderful days playing music and helping others appreciate the wonders of God. All of us on the Wonder-Go-Round have been together for a very long time, so we feel like family. Of course, we have all made a commitment to Jesus, so we are all a part of the family of God. We worship together, work together, have fun together, and… ACHOOO… try to help each other when there is a need. The last time I got an allergy shot, Harry and Glenda were right there with me. I know that God is always taking care of me, and with the special folks He has brought into my life, I have incredible joy inside of me. What could be more wonderful… ACHOOOOO… than that?
Millie Marimba Speech Karen D Langdon (speaking voice & soloist)
Millie Marimba: Hi there, sweetie! Do you remember me, Millie Marimba? I spend most of my time at City Music Hall. There are a lot of great things happening as the whole town is raising funds to make this the magnificent place that it once used to be. I remember those days. The symphony would be on stage, the lights would come up, and we would play to great crowds – families from our city and visitors from important places. It was grand! We have done several concerts to help with the renovations. It feels so good to be up on stage playing beautiful music again. Through it all, God is blessing our efforts. He has brought us through hard times here, and He continues to be faithful as we now see our dreams begin to come true, dreams to give to our community the wonderful gift of harmonious music that God has given to us. My little friend, Tillie Triangle, just reminded me to say “hi” to you (remember, she’s a little on the shy side). I wish you could have seen her in our last performance. She stood out just like a shining star, playing with all her might. We are so happy to be able to do what God has created us to do. I hope you will have a chance to see all the improvements at the hall and hear us play sometime soon.

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