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Anthony Williams Speech Nicholas Nary (speaking voice)
Anthony Williams: It’s really great to be back in Symphony City. I’m super excited that I could bring my cousin, Daniel, with me this time. When I saw that he was kind of scared to run in the Libertyville town race, I just knew our friends here could encourage him. Learning Bible verses about Jesus through awesome music is the best! I’m glad we got to go to the benefit concert for The City Music Hall too. I always feel inspired by all the music and by everyone in this place. Well, except maybe for the Dissonance Brothers.
Kori Anderson Speech Courtney Keeley (speaking voice)
Kori Anderson: I have been visiting Mr. Wells’ Music Shop for several years now. I love it there! My best friend is still Anthony Williams, but because I’m at the music shop so much, I also hang out with Katie Wells, Mr. Wells’ granddaughter. I’m so glad that she has been able to make a visit to Symphony City with us. M.C., Joni Microphonie, Benita Bongo, Tara Tambourine, and all the others are very special to me! The lessons I have learned from them continue to help me know and love Jesus more and more. I want to be able to share his love and his Word with everyone around me just like my musical friends do.
Daniel Williams Speech Liam Garvin (speaking voice) Joseph Greene (soloist)
Daniel Williams: I can’t believe I have been with a whole lot of musical instruments that can talk! They are all so nice, and they really have helped me to see that Jesus can be trusted with every part of my life. I feel like such a winner with Jesus running right beside me. I especially liked hearing Bible verses set to such cool music; I’m still wondering where the music comes from, though. I can’t wait to come back with Anthony and Kori again!
Katie Wells Speech Katie Clark (speaking voice & soloist)
Katie Wells: What a surprise to find that we have special friends in Grandpa’s music shop! Kori Anderson has been coming here for quite a while, and we spend a lot of time together. It was really cool that she took me along to visit Symphony City. Everyone was so friendly and helpful; and the music was amazing! Grandpa never mentions the musical characters, though sometimes I think he knows all about them. He loves all kinds of music and he loves the Bible, so I know he would appreciate the advice and the help our friends give us through the Scripture verses they share. I hope you are learning a lot, just like I am, as you sing God’s Word!
Turn T Speech James Hobson (speaking voice & soloist)
Turn T: Hey, what’s up? Thanks for stopping by. I’m on a little break from my job at Drummer’s Shop. I’m thankful that the Lord is in my life and he’s providing for all my needs. Sharing the message of Jesus with others is what I’m all about; I wouldn’t want it any other way! I’m so excited to use music to spread the good news about him everywhere I can.
Tillie Triangle Speech Korilynn Langdon (speaking voice & soloist)
Tillie Triangle: I used to be a pretty shy little percussion instrument; I could barely be heard in the orchestra! But there are two places in Symphony City that mean a lot to me, City Music Hall and Worship Community Church, and being a part of the family in each place has helped me to not be so afraid to talk with others. I’m happy that the music hall is going to be able to continue presenting great programs, and I’m planning to play my best and sing out loud and strong to honor God and bless others with his wonderful gift of music.
Ricky Drummer Speech Michael Tuck (speaking voice & soloist)
Ricky Drummer: Hi, I’m glad you’re dropping by today. I’ve just got to tell you about the great things the Lord is doing in my life. It’s awesome that I’m getting to do some writing, recording, and touring with Joni Microphonie and my best friend, Skeet Snare. It’s been really sweet to see how God is using each of us to bring honor and glory to him. I’m blessed to come from a family who loves God and praises him through music, but I never expected that the Lord would give me even bigger ways to share my faith with others. I don’t know what might happen next, but I trust God to lead me exactly where he wants me to be. I’m thankful he’s with me every step of the way!
Skeet Snare Speech Chase Dorin (speaking voice & soloist)
Skeet Snare: Hey, Skeet here. What’ve you been up to? Hope you’re having an awesome day; I definitely am! I love it that City Music Hall is finally going to get the attention it deserves. I’ve played on the stage a few times, and now that my best friend Ricky and I are doing some gigs with Joni Microphonie, I’m looking forward to playing some concerts there. It’s really cool to be a part of a good band, but you know what’s even cooler: dedicating and giving our gifts and talents to God for his glory. It’s not always easy to follow his ways, but it’s totally the way to go. Catch you at the music hall.
Melvis Wesley Speech Sterling Riggs (speaking voice & soloist)
Melvis Wesley: I’ve been around here for a long time. My Momma used to bring me to Symphony City Music Hall when I was just learning how to play a rock ‘n roll groove. We listened to good ol’ tunes, songs that brought tears to Momma’s eyes because they were about faith and hope and love. For me, those are wonderful memories! Now when I share the good news about Jesus through a special song, I’m praying that I’m making precious memories for others. I praise the good Lord for everything he’s done for me, in me, and through the songs I sing.
Aunt Sadie Shurman Speech Wendy Burchette (speaking voice & soloist)
Aunt Sadie Shurman: Well, how are you all doing today? It’s so nice to have you stop by. You’re all welcome to call me Aunt Sadie. My life has gotten very busy since we had the benefit concert at City Music Hall. I’ve been singing quite often at local events and at church. People really seem to enjoy those big band numbers that have always been a major part of my life. Oh, I feel so good when I praise the Lord with my voice! I have a beautiful niece, Joni, who honors the Lord with her musical gifts too. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s hand on our family and for the wonderful miracle of salvation he has provided through his Son, Jesus. No matter what kind of song I sing, I want it to bring glory to my God!
Ksana Zimri Speech Tamara Spencer (speaking voice & soloist)
Ksana Zimri: I am so blessed to be involved in music ministry with my husband, Jaron. We have been singing together since we met at Sing University. There is nothing like gathering with our brothers and sisters at Worship Community Church and praising our wonderful God! I look forward to every meeting time, whether I’m helping to lead worship, sitting and listening to an encouraging sermon, or participating in a church event. I thank the Lord that we are a part of such an amazing church family.
Juan Carlos Benito Bongo Speech Jonathan Correa (speaking voice)
Juan Carlos Benito Bongo: Hola! I am so happy to meet you. It is such a blessing to live in Symphony City. I often ride along with my aunt, Benita Bongo, on her very special Rumba Bus. I’m sure you see that I share a very close name with hers. Benita and Benito mean blessed or happy. Tia (Auntie) is the happiest person I know. It is “muy bueno,” very good to make others happy! It is through our great God, Jesus, that we can share joy he puts inside of us. My friend, Dilly Dissonance, has told me that it is the best to be with my aunt and me because he feels so great when he is with us. That makes me feel “muy bueno” too! Adios, amigos. Come for a happy ride on the Rumba Bus with us sometime.
Mayor Benton Brass Speech Tom Pless (speaking voice)
Mayor Benton Brass: As mayor of this fair town, I want to welcome you to Symphony City. Our citizens are genuine, down-to-earth folks who are also incredible patrons of the arts. That’s why I am so pleased our benefit concert was such a success, and our magnificent music hall will go on as the wonderful place it has been for decades, a grand auditorium dedicated to the performance and appreciation of music, drama, and all the fine arts. Thank you all for your incredible support. May God bless you all!

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