Scripture CD #5, Sing God’s Word – Spirit Among Us (MP3s)

Sing God's Word - Spirit Among Us is our fifth Scripture CD. The songs and story line are from New Testament scriptures on the Holy Spirit and provide over an hour of entertainment. Continue to follow the adventures of Anthony, Kori, Matt Cello (M.C.) and many more musical friends from Symphony City. The story centers around Derrick Dissonance (one of the original Dissonance Brothers named Dufus) and his embarrassment of his two remaining Dissonance Brothers; Donny and Danny, who still constantly make trouble for everyone. At the end of the story Derrick begins to trust in God through the Holy Spirit scriptures and turns his life toward Christ. The download link for the MP3 files is included with this purchase along with the .pdf graphics files for the CD Face, the CD Insert and the CD Tray Card; that way you will be able to reference the track titles and CD credits and voice talent. The specific links will be sent to you by email once your purchase is complete. There is no tax or shipping and handling on this product.

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