Sadie Shurman

Aunt Sadie Shurman Speech Wendy Burchette (speaking voice & soloist)
Aunt Sadie Shurman: Well, how are you all doing today? It’s so nice to have you stop by. You’re all welcome to call me Aunt Sadie. My life has gotten very busy since we had the benefit concert at City Music Hall. I’ve been singing quite often at local events and at church. People really seem to enjoy those big band numbers that have always been a major part of my life. Oh, I feel so good when I praise the Lord with my voice! I have a beautiful niece, Joni, who honors the Lord with her musical gifts too. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s hand on our family and for the wonderful miracle of salvation he has provided through his Son, Jesus. No matter what kind of song I sing, I want it to bring glory to my God!

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